Getting married?

Know somebody that is?

Married Couple

We have a great wedding present!

An image gallery that can be used by all your family and friends themed to the wedding.


It's secure and private!

Friends and family can sign up and share images whilst keeping unwanted guests out.

Safe & Secure

No adverts and we don't share your data!

This is a paid service and as such we protect your rights. All images that are uploaded become the intellectual property of the bride and groom. We don't sell advertising and won't sell your member details to anybody at all ever!


Live streaming included!

The service provides a live streaming feature. This enables you to plug a computer or tablet into a projector or TV screen and present the images being uploaded to the site to your function room. This is a fun and engaging way to get family and friends that are attending to share their images. Or a great way to showcase the professional photographers work from during the day.

Live Stream

Everybody can help organise the images.

All the family and friends that use the service can organise the images into location and time period. Helping to improve the experience for the bride and groom.


The Image Gallery is copied to USB drive and delivered to the bride and groom!

Social media accounts get hacked, friends disappear from your network or some event strikes where your socially shared images are gone. Using our system the bride and groom physically get a copy of the images to keep on a high quality USB device.


Sign Up Now!

The wedding gallery is a great gift for a couple that is planning their wedding. The gallery can be used to store the most sentimental of images in a safe secure area. It's online and mobile friendly allowing your friends and family to share all over the world.

£195 for 12 months

USB Gallery

Once the events are over the images are copied from the gallery to a high quality USB device. The device is delivered to the bride and groom so they have a physical copy of all the images to keep their treasured moment. Further USB devices can be purchased for family and friends.


Live Stream

The Live Stream feature provides an opportunity to inspire guests to share pictures at events. You can connect a PC or tablet to a projector or TV and live stream images that are being uploaded to the event.

Function Room

QR Code

The platform provides a QR Code which can be scanned by a mobile device to take guests to the web site. It can be downloaded and sent to the printers to be presented on invitations or included on table name tags.

QR Code

Family and Friends

The wedding gallery is all about sharing you can invite family and friends by email using the settings menu. Or share the web site address and/or QR Code and let them sign up.



The wedding gallery uses industry strength encryption to deliver content to your browser and protect information in the database. We take your security and privacy seriously and mitigate risk to your data using all reasonable means.


Backup and Recovery

The images and data provided to the platform are backed up off site. In the event of a problem we can get you back up and running within a few hours.


Gallery Viewer

The wedding gallery is provided with a gallery viewer to ensure you get the most out of the images that have been shared.


Mobile Friendly

Most browsing is performed on a mobile device and we have made sure that this service is geared towards them. Ensuring you and your friends are always able to share no matter where you are. It's simple to upload multiple images in one visit from your mobile or PC.


Continuous Improvement

The wedding gallery is a service provided by Strategy Applied. Strategy Applied has designed and developed the wedding gallery from scratch and are continually working to improve the features based on our customers feedback. If you would like a feature added, let us know and we will consider it in our development cycles.


View Demo!

Check out the demo to get a feel for what the gallery can do. We customise the look and feel for all our customers so it is personalised to your wedding.